Contribute greatly to a healthy living environment

Carpet cleanerDeciding which floor covering is right for your home is a very important decision. Many people are tremendously impressed by Wood’s natural beauty and durability. And being a natural resource Wooden Flooring is the right choice for the world’s environment. Wooden floors can be manufactured from sustainable forests and also from wood salvaged from old barns, factories etc. Wood comes in many different species, colours and grains. With the very many different decorating styles available, its easily the most versatile floor covering possible. We, at Woodmarket (Irl) consider natural wood floors to be superior to man-made materials in beauty, durability, maintenance and style. Having this wooden floor, comes with a perfect match of carpet where everyone can enjoy playing over the floor most especially for the children. A perfect carpet must be accompanied with a carpet cleaner in for a healthy environment of your family.

Finally, a Wooden Floor is good for you and your family! Wooden Floors are easy to keep clean and contribute greatly to a healthy living environment since they help minimise dust mold and mites.
Why buy a Wooden Floor from Woodmarket Ireland?
Some of our best sales people are actually our customers! Its thanks to YOUR recommendations and compliments that gives us great pride in making sure that our complete service is second to none.Friendly, professional service: If required, we will call to your home, measure your room and discuss your options carefully.Peace of mind: A major part of our floor installation depends on proper sub-floor preparation since this will prevent defects appearing at a later date. Visit our showrooms in Belfast & Omagh to see more than 50 different flooring samples on display. Our extensive ranges will suit every taste.Excellent Value: We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and a quality Wooden Floor from Woodmarket (Irl) Ltd can last a lifetime.

Are Wooden Floors expensive? How do they compare eg to carpets or linoleum?
Our Wooden Floors are very competitively priced and certainly represent excellent value when compared to other options. In particular, Hardwood Floors should never have to be replaced and will usually enhance the value of your home if you decide to sell at a later date. Together with their longevity and outstanding beauty and elegance, a Wooden Floor or of a carpet represents long lasting value.

Can you put down a Wooden Floor in any room?
Yes, you can put a Wooden Floor in any room except a room containing a bath. Wood is a natural, breathing product and can expand and contract in hot and cold temperatures. For this reason, we recommend Engineered Wooden Flooring for rooms with Underfloor Heating (or potential moisture problems). These floors consist of 3 to 5 layers of different wood types and are much more stable to temperature changes.

What’s the best way to install a Wooden Floor (Can I install the floor myself)?
This depends on the type of Wooden Floor you’ve purchased, where the floor will be installed and the type of subfloor. Glue-down, floating and nail down are the main types of installation. Sometimes in kitchen area some floor types can be “floated” over an existing linoleum or ceramic floor. Our experienced staff are all on hand to help you choose the best installation method for your home.
Are there any Wooden Floors suitable for rooms with Underfloor Heating?
Yes, our Engineered Wooden Flooring are ideal for rooms with Underfloor Heating (or potential moisture problems). These floors consist of 3 to 5 layers of different wood types and are much more stable to temperature changes. At Woodmarket Ireland we recommend Oak as an excellent choice for rooms with Underfloor Heating, along with Ash or Merbau.

What’s the difference between a Solid Floor and an Engineered Floor?
Solid Floors used by machines that can be found are manufactured from a single solid piece of wood. Engineered Wooden Floors are manufactured of a top quality hardwood on top of several layers (3 to 5) of laminated wood. Engineered Floors are extremely versatile and due to their thermal stability can be put down in most rooms in the house.
Engineered Floors can be “floated” over most floors without using glue or nails (although these can be used if required). Solid Floors should not be put down in rooms with large temperature changes or high humidity content. Solid Floors must be nailed or glued down.
Do you install the floors yourself or can you recommend an installer?
If required, we use our highly skilled and experienced installers to lay your Wooden Floor. Alternatively you can install the Floor yourself or employ your own skilled tradesman.
Are Wooden Floors hard to maintain eg can I mop them?
Normally no, because our Hardwood Floors are coated in several layers of tough polyurethane. This coating gives our Floors a durable smooth wax-free surface that looks good and is easy to clean. You should ALWAYS use the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance products.