Barnett penetrator crossbow

Barnett Penetrator

What’s in the Box?
The Barnett Penetrator crossbow
A 4 x 32 scope
Three (3) 20-inch arrows with their own field points
A rope-cocking device

Features, Specifications, and Other Details
350 feet-per-second
new Anti-Dry Fire
Metal Injection Molding or MIM trigger with a 3.5 pull
175-pound draw weight
12-inch power stroke
5 year warranty

Remarkably quiet, powerful, and deadly accurate, the Barnett Penetrator is not something you want to mess with in the field.
The Barnett Penetrator is fairly easy to install, in fact, you’ll be out hunting within a few minutes in the great outdoors.

At 350 feet per second, the Barnett Penetrator can rip through a sandbag target in a matter of minutes once released, however, we recommend that bow target pratice your aim on a foam target (or even those 3D replicas of animals) to prevent damages to the vanes, other parts of your crossbow, and to yourself and others.
Now onto its accuracy, the Barnett Penetrator lives up to its name as it is indeed capable of penetrating through your target, and with an accuracy that matches its speed, although results may vary depending on the weather in your area and other accessories you may have equipped on your crossbow.
At 109 lbs of pure kinetic energy, the Penetrator can take down anything from small to medium sized animals (perhaps even large animals as long as you take the proper precautions and do it humanely as possible.)

And since it’s well-built, the Barnett Penetrator will assure you that you’ll never misfire to anyone as you make you make your way through the woods or shoot a few rounds with your friends in your local archery range.
The Barnett Penetrator was designed with the highest regard for safety which means that anyone, regardless of their skill level can use this crossbow, the pistol grip makes it very easy to hold, and since it’s not a heavy crossbow, this won’t tire you from bringing it around with you to your desired hunting ground.
The only downside of this crossbow is the quality of its string as many hunters have reported that the string of the Barnett Penetrator wears out after several uses, while this isn’t covered in the 5 year customer warranty, you can give Barnett a call where their customer service can assist you with a replacement string or to the nearest sporting shop that has replacement strings.
Overall, the Barnett Penetrator is a really awesome crossbow, it’s easy to store it in almost any crossbow case, whether it’s a soft or hard case that you can easily bring along with you in any hunting trip across the states. You may also opt for barnett bcx review crossbow cases to also accommodate your crossbow accessories during your hunts.
With a reasonable price and good features, you’re sure to enjoy hunting deer and elks with the Barnett Penetrator, remember to include a hand cranking device to make each draw as smooth as possible.
You don’t have to worry about using other tools as everything included in the package of the Barnett Penetrator.